Experience Canada like you dreamed

Guided backcountry excursions with gourmet meals, native style sauna, telescopes, thermal & night vision, wildlife viewing… and much more!

Our trips

Specializing in guiding international tourists and students on backcountry excursions to the interior wilderness of Algonquin Park for over 20 years!

3 Days / 2 Nights

  • Trips are offered Sunday to Tuesday or Friday to Sunday
  • All meals included
  • Activities included
  • $399 / Youth + tax
  • $525 / Adult + tax
Weekday Special

4 Days / 3 Nights

  • Trips are offered Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday
  • All meals included
  • Activities included
  • $438 / Youth + tax
  • $592 / Adult + tax

Special Experience

We have led international groups to these exact 7-connected rivers and lakes in Algonquin park on more than 500 excursions over 25 years. We know the area, the wildlife, the feeding patterns, and the forest more than most. We are one of the most experienced Algonquin Park guides in all of Ontario!


Our excursions are packed with cool and exciting activities that we know you will love … a native-style sauna, night time paddle under the start, canoe tour of a beaver dam, astronomy lesson and more.


Gourmet Menu

It’s like no other back country camping menu. A VIP mouth-watering camping feast — camping feast BBQ tomahawk rib steak, grilled salmon + jumbo shrimp, deer/bison skewers, smoked salmon, and much more.

Tech & Education

We use night vision and thermal cameras to help locate wildlife…and so will you. We are the only backcountry company in Algonquin Park that brings a telescope to help see the planets and stars better. Handouts, 10-min animal lectures, learning how to make a fire without matches and astronomy lesson make this a true learning experience.


What our campers say …

“It was the best 3 days I spent in Canada … we saw 4 moose and the food was better than in a restaurant. I will definitely go again when I return to Toronto.”

Baptiste Salun


“Absolutely wonderful in every way! The stars and were sparkling and we could see the arm of the Milky way … I also saw my first ever moose. The guide was so informative and kind and he took care of us very well. The Native-style sauna was my favorite. I will come again!”

Blanca Laplana Terrades


“Great! This was my first-time camping. There is nothing like this in my country. I never imagined this kind of amazing food could be made on a camping trip. It was exciting and an adventure. I learned so much.”

Takao Kawamura


”Wow! It was fun, different every hour, and exciting … We all became a team. The sauna then swimming in the river was the coolest thing I’ve ever done.“

Hector OBufill