We know exactly what you want to do.

Everyone wants to try new, exciting, super-cool activities that they heard and always wanted to try. Building a sauna … canoeing to search for moose in the wild … canoe tour to a natural beaver dam … paddling under the stars … and more.


Astronomy Lesson

This is a basic astronomy lesson with all the fun stuff and little math. We construct a scale model of our solar system, learn constellations, and if the sky is clear, we use a telescope to see the moon and do some astrophotography. The lesson ends with a short paddle to the middle of the calm lake at night and watching the stars and planets.


Native-style Sauna

This is the most memorable, unexpected, and popular activity. Yes, we will build a sauna in the forest! A Muskoka clay face mask, sea salt body scrub, and eucalyptus oils will make this activity a paradise in Algonquin. Imagine 85C in a sauna in the forest on the edge of a river and then crawling out for a fresh swim.


How to Start a Fire Without Matches

This is a simple but cool activity. You will learn with a knife and stone and you'll learn by rubbing two sticks.


Animal Lectures

There are 5 short lectures with handouts and pictures on the local wildlife - moose, beavers, loons, snapping turtles, bears.


Night-time Canoe Tour

This is a night-time paddle in total darkness to a natural beaver lodge. We will use night vision and thermal binoculars to navigate and search for wildlife.


Day-time Canoe Tour

This is a 4-hour relaxing paddle looking for various wildlife along a long, narrow winding beaver river to a natural beaver dam.


Cliff Jumping

Simple but so much fun … climb, jump, swim, repeat. You can jump from 3-6 m.


Sunrise Paddle

Sunrise is the best time of the Park. Dead silent and absolutely peaceful. Only you, the loons, and the rising sun on a foggy lake. Best place to view the sunrise is always in a canoe on a small lake.

Our trips

Specializing in guiding international tourists and students on backcountry excursions to the interior wilderness of Algonquin Park for over 20 years!

3 Days / 2 Nights

  • Trips are offered Sunday to Tuesday or Friday to Sunday
  • All meals included
  • Activities included
  • $399 / Youth + tax
  • $525 / Adult + tax
Weekday Special

4 Days / 3 Nights

  • Trips are offered Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday
  • All meals included
  • Activities included
  • $438 / Youth + tax
  • $592 / Adult + tax